Management Philosophy Statement

Management exists to support the process that delivers service and training to the recipients as they are involved in programs at Community Support Systems. It is important that staff clearly understand the value of the organization and:

  • Work as team members, communicate well, are able to benefit from consultation, and participate in group decision making processes;
  • Practice positive and humanistic methods and realize that the core of Community Support Systems’ purpose and mission is the health and well-being of the consumers;
  • Recognize that outcomes are a focal point of their contribution and that challenges are welcomed experiences that will encourage growth in themselves and Community Support Systems;
  • Are highly motivated and actively involved with consumers, and demonstrate positive, active and progressive leadership;
  • Investigate current treatment technologies, developing their knowledge base and work skills;
  • Practice active listening skills and are willing to communicate at all levels of the organizational structure;
  • Accept responsibility;
  • Seek positive relationships both inter-program and intra-program;
  • Negotiate openly, honestly and fairly with others and with Community Support Systems;
  • Are creative and innovative; and
  • Value time for planning and thinking.

Community Support Systems management recognizes that the purpose of the agency will most effectively be realized when staff are motivated, challenged and supported. CSS management seeks to:

  • Motivate staff;
  • Set standards that will provide a challenge; and
  • Encourage professional growth as a means of supporting Community Support Sytesms' services and training for consumers.